Hillary (poetry_by_hilla) wrote,

The Value of a Kiss

The Value of a Kiss

It's not in the way you kiss. It's not in the way your sweet, gentle lips caress my own, for that can be taught and perfected over time. It's not the adoring look in your eyes before you paint my lips with the colors of desire, for that look can be faked. It's not the way your hand always seems to find mine in the midst of our romantic entanglement, for that action can be performed out of repetition. But it's the way you make me feel when I'm with you. Your lips are not only a part of you, but they are a part of me as well. They hold a truth. A truth that no one else knows, a truth that I can see when I’m with you and the one, the only truth that I need.

[orignially written about Matt]</i>
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