Hillary (poetry_by_hilla) wrote,

Friday the Thirteenth

Friday the Thirteenth

It was a sunny day,
but now it has all faded.
Months have past
and I still manage
to be the thorn in your heart.
I am the once beautiful flower
that has shriveled up
in your hand.
Can’t you see?
You suffocated me with your
undying love.
And now,
I am out of your deadly grasp,
and you,
you are the flower
dying in the darkness
for I do not shed light upon you.
With each of your weaknesses,
I grow stronger.
And with each of your tears,
my smiles show through.
Before, during those dreadful months,
a part of me died because of you,
and now, you are getting what you deserve.
You are reliving the pain I once possessed
and I have the happiness
you shall
have again.

[originally written about Matt...sorry baby, you know I love you<3]
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