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Thoughts from a Car

Thoughts from a Car

The toxic burning
of something new.
Diminishing loyalty
to the one who holds
the throne.
The pedestal
has been
Can you climb
back to the top?
Show me how,
show me how to
love again,
live again.
has never been
so sweet.
has never tasted
this bitter.
The fever,
the fragrance--
it's all the same,
all blurred together
to create
a distinct image
not known to
the eye.
Something's changed;
bridges are
the knots are
What ties us?
What makes us
who we are?

...I actually wrote that while driving the other day. I kinda like it, but whatever. comments are appreciated. <3

just a fun fact here: this isn't about me wanting to cheat on my boyfriend or anything like that. I love him with all my heart. This was just something random that I thought up. Sometimes I write and what comes out doesn't even apply to my life, so yeah. Just for clarification...I love you Matt
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